The recessed socket that hides the plug.

Hide revolutionizes the concept of electric power outlet. The plug disappears inside the wall, behind the sliding door, and the wall is always free and tidy. Hide is very easy to use: Just slide the front cover, plug it in and voilà, you’re done. You can paint or decorate the plastic cover of your Hide, to make it even more your own.


Open Hide. Connect the plug. Close the cover. The plug’s there, but you can’t see it.



It frees space // It let you put furniture even in front of the power sockets without the annoying encumbrance of the plug.

Compact // It protrudes from the wall by only 9 mm with the plug inserted and ensures reduced visual impact. Untidy cables are no longer a problem.



Minimal // A fine and linear design that witnesses an evolved, innovative and personal stylistic concept.

Evolved // Transforms a service point into an original creative complement that creates order.



Protected // No visible plug means greater safety for children.

Intuitive // Installation and use are immediately understandable. 



Customisable // It can be painted or decorated with coverings, wallpaper and serigraphs.

Multi-material // The cover can be made of ABS, glass, wood and metal to ensure maximum design flexibility.