The plug is there but you can’t see it.

How did we invent Hide?

One day group of men and women thought to invent new solutions to improve the daily lives of everyone and made ​​this innovation a daily challenge, constant and exciting. A group open to innovation, with its share of risk, and strong sense of adventure!

Who actually makes Hide?

Hide is manufactured by Italy Innovazioni S.p.A., a major Italian company which was born thanks to the enthusiasm and initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs who tried to revolutionise the “world” of common electrical sockets; their aim was to make them new, more fun, recessed or even indoor furnishing pieces.

Why did we invent Hide?

The idea that gave inspiration to the project was to create a new system of electrical outlets: integrated, revolutionary and highly innovative. A historical object that had never undergone any major aesthetic improvement for over 100 years has now been completely revised and redesigned in form and function!

What makes us unique?

More versatile, design-friendly and functional. A customizable, secure and intelligent outlet. A solution, more than just a product. Hide’s patent is the only real evolution of the electrical outlet. For over a century now, no one had ever managed to achieve such a result.

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